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LISA Rules & Guidelines
VI Wave win BCSPL League Cup Finals
LISA Cup - Results Posted
Laura Lockhart
U11 Festival
Footballer of the Week - Daragh Fitzgerald
Closing Early on Halloween!
Footballers of the Week - Peninsula FC
Peninsula FC - Club Technical Director
Still places to play
Footballers of the Week - LIWSA Fernwood City Div 2
Footballer of the Week - Dylan McDowell
Fields Changed! MiniFest
Footballer of the Week - Colin Walde
U13 girls space still available
Footballer of the Week - Angus Stewart
Small Sided Referee Clinic
Footballer of the Week - Alice Paveley
Footballers of the Week - VI Wave 2003 Girls
Footballer of the Week - John Charlton
Welcome to LISA
Important Dates for 2017/18
Head Injuries and Concussions
U13 Wave Boys - League Champions
Wave Crests with Two Titles
Footballer of the Week - Kaitlyn Chojnacki
Spectators Area and Technical Area
Footballer of the Week - Al Moir
Soccer players from BC well represented in Youth National Team Programming
Beginner Soccer Skills
U15 Wave Girls Provincial Championships
Long Term Player Development
U14 Wave Girls - Whitecaps Showcase
Victoria’s Simon Thomas signs with the Whitecaps
Referee mentor program makes the news
EA SPORTS BC Soccer Premier League returns this weekend
Second annual adidas Champions Cup filled with exciting action
EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League
Spectator and Team Conduct – Zero tolerance
CSA Memo on Player Equipment