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What does it mean to be a member of Lower Island Soccer Association?

By becoming a member of LISA, an organization can make a significant contribution to soccer in British Columbia. Becoming a member of LISA, an affiliated organization of BC Soccer, is both an accomplishment and privilege for which organizations should be proud. To be a member of LISA means that an organization is committed to growing the game and improving soccer for all participants within the Lower Island region and British Columbia by offering soccer programs through a collaborative, progressive, and respectful environment. Members of LISA are committed to a player-centric development model that represents the spirit of the game of soccer and the qualities that make it the world’s most popular sport.

LISA Affiliate Member Category

LISA Affiliate Members, as defined by the LISA bylaws, are organizations and associations whose mandates or missions and purposes align with, support, or complement LISA’s purpose. Affiliate Members are non-voting members of the association and provide additional or supplemental training opportunities to our Member Club users. LISA Affiliate Members do not participate in LISA leagues, tournaments, or events. However, they may apply to participate in BCSA sanctioned tournaments and events.

Application Process & Timelines

Affiliate Member Applications may be submitted to LISA at any time.

Applications must be submitted to the LISA Office via:

Upon receiving an application for membership, Lower Island Soccer Association will confirm receipt within 10 business days.

LISA’s Membership Committee or designate will review the application for completeness. Provided the application is complete, LISA’s Membership Committee will review the application to determine if all criteria are met. LISA’s Membership Committee is made up of a minimum of three individuals who do not have any other role with a current member organization of LISA. LISA’s Membership Committee or designate will inform the applying organization if the organization has been accepted into membership with LISA within 90 days of receiving the application. Upon acceptance, the applying organization will receive District Affiliate Member benefits as outlined in the LISA Bylaws for a term of one year.

Affiliate Membership applications are to be renewed annually.