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Welcome to the 2019/20 Lower Island soccer season. Inter-club play for the Under-11 division begins Saturday, September 14.

It is each team’s responsibility to check the website schedule to make sure the contact information for your team is correct. If there are any mistakes or updates please let your club registrar know as soon as possible (they will inform the LISA Office). In addition, inform your opposing teams so they will know how to get a hold of you.

While email addresses are included in your team’s contact information on the website LISA does not consider the sending of an email an official communication between teams. When exchanging game and field information there must be definite confirmation. “Read Receipts” are not considered definite confirmation. Initial contact with your opponent must be by phone.

If you are not the appropriate person to receive scheduling information and other notices that are sent out from the LISA office throughout the season then make sure you pass this package onto the person who should receive it. And ask that person to provide your club registrar with his or her contact data – and have your club registrar notify the LISA office – in order for future emailings to be sent directly to the correct person. There is important information in here that team officials and club personnel need to know. In addition other notices are sent out throughout the season, including information about LISA’s annual festivals, and, if required, scheduling changes.

Scores and standings are NOT recorded in the Under-11 age division. So you do not report results to a Lower Island score recorder as standings and scores are not posted on the LISA website. No league champion is recognized in the U11 division; inter-club competitive league play begins at U14 for both boys and girls.

If you are wondering why Home Fields are not listed on your schedule many clubs assign fields on a week-by-week basis depending upon how many home games they have and what fields are available for their use that weekend. In addition, some clubs rotate their teams through their various fields.

So Home Fields do not exist on the schedules. Besides team officials are supposed to be in contact with each other as their games approach in order to confirm their scheduling data. It does not matter which team, home or visitor, initiates the communication.

If a club does not have enough fields to accommodate all its home games the teams without an assigned field should contact their opposition as soon as possible to see if the “visiting” team’s club can supply a field in order to play the game. If the teams can not play their game because a field is not available at either club they should try to agree upon a date to make it up as soon as possible.

NOTE:  There are no games listed on your schedule for the weekend of LISA’s annual Under-11 festival. All teams in LISA’s inter-club U11 schedules (Boys, Girls, Blue, White) are automatically entered into the U11 festival. More details about the festival will be circulated closer to that weekend.


Under-11 teams play 8v8, with 2 x 30-minute halves, using a size #4 ball. Your match day is Saturday and start times vary.

Please note that the following two rules will be in effect for the entire Under-11 and Under-12 Lower Island season:

   OFFSIDE for U11 and U12: When a team is on the attack, the FIFA offside rule is in effect in the attacking one-third (1/3) of the field and shall be applied accordingly by the referee. If line-persons are used they only need take reference at the 1/3 field marking. Cones on the sideline WILL be needed to mark the 1/3 field limits.

    GOAL KICK RETREAT LINE for U11 and U12: All players from the opposing team will retreat back behind the existing offside line marked by cones at the 1/3 mark of the field, which will be also known as the retreat line. Players from the opposing team may not pass the retreat line until the ball has been touched by the player receiving the goal kick. If the goal kick is kicked past the retreat line the ball is deemed in play as soon as it crosses the retreat line. In case of a violation of this rule the restart will be a retake of the goal kick.