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Constitution and Bylaws:

Constitution (updated July 2019)
Bylaws (updated August 2022)

LISA Rules and Regulations Manual:

Chapter 1: Rules Regulations and Policy for LISA District Cups
Chapter 2: Small Sided Games Rules
For more information on small sided games see:
BC Soccer Resource – Small Sided Club Development Manual

Chapter 3: Rules Regulations and Policy for Inter Club Competition
Current location of BC Soccer U13 Retreat Guidelines:

Chapter 4: Provincial Premier Cup A Cup and B Cup
Chapter 5: Tier 2: Policy & Procedures Manual
Chapter 6: Disciplinary Rules, Regulations and Policy
Includes performance fines and bonds
Chapter 7: Rules Regulations and Policy for Registration
Includes youth to youth permit procedure, senior to youth reinstatement, and roster sizes
Chapter 8: Volunteer, Employee & Contract Worker Screening 
Chapter 9: Privacy and Protection of Personal Information
Chapter 10: Harassment, Bullying & Dispute Resolution
Includes Dispute Resolution

LISA Recruitment Rules and Regulations (updated June 2021):

LISA Strategic Priorities:

LISA Strategic Priorities 2015 to 2018

Commonly asked questions

Where can I find the information on International Transfers?
BC Soccer just updated their page with a great flow-chart outlining who needs to complete an International Transfer.

Click on this link for the international form: HERE


What is the LISA Protest Fee?

Protest fee is $250.  To be returned if the protest is upheld.


Best Practices

Goal Post Safety Memo

Responding to child welfare concerns