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For More Information please read the memo first:

LISA Cup Memo Round 2

LISA Cup Round 2 Results

Nov 18/19 Rescheduling (due to LISA Cup Draw Round 2)

LISA Cup 2018 Round 1 Results

For more information about Cup Play, see Cup Play 101 page.

Congratulations to our 2017/2018 LISA Cup Winners!

Here is the full list of Winners and Finalists: LISA Cup 2018 FINALS

2017/2018 Dates
Round 1 – Oct 14/15
Quarters – Nov 18/19
Semis – Jan 20/21
Finals @ PISE – Feb 17/18 (teams must be prepared to play either Saturday or Sunday)

What is the LISA Cup?
The LISA Cup competition is for U13-U18 club teams playing in silver or bronze leagues within the Lower Island district. It is an additional cup competition; it does not take the place of the District Cup or any other competition.  It was created with a random draw in each round to provide silver and bronze teams meaningful games throughout the season.

The LISA Cup is played in single-elimination format (winners advance; losers are eliminated) throughout the Lower Island league season. The LISA Cup is only for silver and bronze teams. Gold teams are not eligible for the LISA Cup. In addition, any team that enters the BCSA Provincial B Cup (or Provincial A Cup or Provincial Premier Cup) is also not eligible.

The LISA Cup competition is offered in the following age groups:

Girls and Boys U13;
irls and Boys U14;
Girls and Boys U16/15;
Girls and Boys U18/17.


The format for the opening round of the LISA Cup will see all teams drawn into action – except if there is an odd number of teams. If there is an odd number entered the “odd team out,” based upon the draw, will receive an opening round bye. In other words, at most, there will only be one bye in the opening round. Additional byes might be necessary in the quarter-final round in order to reduce the number of teams advancing to the semi-finals to four. If a team received a bye in the opening round it will not be one of the teams receiving a bye in the quarter-finals.

All the opening round winners and any bye team will be re-entered into a random draw for Round 2 (the quarter-finals).

There must be a winner in each LISA Cup match.

If the score is tied at the end of regulation time NO extra time (i.e. overtime) will be played. At the end of regulation time if the score is tied then the result of the match will be determined by kicks from the penalty spot according to FIFA rules. 


NO youth-to-youth permits are allowed for cup competitions, including the LISA Cup. 

Any opening round match not played becomes the responsibility of the two teams involved to make sure it is played prior to Round 2. If an outstanding LISA Cup match is not played in time for the next round then a coin toss conducted by LISA will determine which team advances to the next round.

Remember, both teams must report the score of their LISA Cup match to their score recorder (listed on your league schedule). When reporting your score please identify it as a LISA Cup match.

Best of luck to all teams competing in the LISA Cup