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NEW Lower Island Soccer Association adopts the following Long-Term Athlete Player Development recommendations as they apply to Small Sided Games.  This aligns with BC Soccer’s Small Sided Games Manual.

Age Group

Playing Numbers

Playing Time

Ball Size

U6 3 vs 3
(no goalkeeper)
 2 X 20 mins  3 or 4
U7/U8 4 vs 4  2 X 20 mins  3 or 4
U9/U10 6 vs 6  2 X 25 mins  3 or 4
U11/U12 8 vs 8  2 X 30 mins  4

Field Dimensions

Age Group



U6 min 18m max 22m min 25m max 30m
U7/U8 min 20m max 25m min 30m max 36m
U9/U10 min 30m max 36m min 40m max 55m
U11/U12 min 42m max 55m min 60m max 75m

The LISA District Head Coach suggest the following formations for Super-8 play.

  1. LISA-SSG 2-3-2 Formation
  2. LISA-SSG 2-4-1 Formation
  3. LISA-SSG 2-4-1 Formation diamond
  4. LISA-SSG 3-2-2 Formation

The LISA District Head Coach suggest the following roster sizes for optimal playing time conditions.

U6 – Maximum 6
U7/U8 – Maximum 8
U9/U10 – Ideal 8, Maximum 10
U11/U12 – Ideal 11, Maximum 14

The LISA District Head Coach recently presented his research findings on small-sided games at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Conference. Click here to see his presentation slides.