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NEW Lower Island Soccer Association adopts the following Canadian Soccer Association Long-Term Athlete Player Development recommendations as they apply to Small Sided Games.

Age Group

Playing Numbers

Squad Sizes

Playing Time

Ball Size

U6 3 vs 3
(no goalkeeper)
Maximum 6 2 X 15 mins 3 or 4
U7/U8 4 vs 4 Maximum 8 2 X 20 mins 3 or 4
U9/U10 6 vs 6 Ideal 8
Maximum 10
2 X 25 mins 3 or 4
U11/U12 8 vs 8 Ideal 11
Maximum 14
2 X 30 mins 4

Field Dimensions

Age Group



U6 min 18m max 22m min 25m max 30m
U7/U8 min 20m max 25m min 30m max 36m
U9/U10 min 30m max 36m min 40m max 55m
U11/U12 min 42m max 55m min 60m max 75m


If you are looking to get added to an email distribution list and/or get your name as a contact for one of the schedules below please contact your club registrar so the information can be provided to the LISA office.  Contacts will be updated, and re-posted as volume allows. The LISA District Head Coach recently presented his research findings at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Conference. Click here to see his presentation slides.

The LISA District Head Coach suggest the following formations  for  Super-8 play.

  1. LISA-SSG 2-3-2 Formation
  2. LISA-SSG 2-4-1 Formation
  3. LISA-SSG 2-4-1 Formation diamond
  4. LISA-SSG 3-2-2 Formation