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Updated Sept 19, 2019

Boys U13 play on Saturdays – Start Times Vary
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  • Boys U13 White play 8v8, 2 x 35-minute halves, on Saturdays, with a size #4 ball.
  • Start times vary.
  • League games can end in a draw; there is no extra time (overtime) for league games.
  • LISA’s U13 annual 11-a-side full-field festival is March 7/8 (co-host TBD). It is a festival not a competitive tournament. All teams in LISA’s U13 schedules (Blue and White) are entered.
  • The score recorder for the division is:  Brian Davis  {or phone 250-598-6274} Both teams must report to their score recorder prior to the deadline each week. Emails are preferred.