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Did you know LISA awards four scholarships in the amount of $1000 each?
Applications due April 30th.  See application for more information.

LISA Scholarship Form

AND BC SOCCER provides scholarships as well –
BC Soccer Scholarships Application deadline is March 31 of each year.

Youth to Youth Permit (Intra-Club Permit Form go to  for VIPL permit forms)

Grandparented Players Application Form

Inter-Club Transfer Form
Before October 15th if a league game has been played and you want to transfer clubs speak to your Club Registrar about using this form. After October 15th you need a BC Soccer form to move teams.

Request for Release Form
If a player wishes to be released from their home club they must be registered with their home club and request a release from the Club Registar or President (each club will have a slightly different process, please contact your home club if you want to know more about your own club’s process).

Releases are not to be requested by a “receiving team” as the player is released to LISA for placement on the most appropriate team taking into consideration player location, viability of the league, teams that need players, extenuating circumstances etc.

Once LISA receives a “Request for Release” form, the parent/guardian of the player will be contacted by the LISA office to gather any and all necessary information from the parent/guardian.

Releases will not be granted to a player to play on a VIPL team.

Typically once all information has been received, Registrars will receive communication from this office that we have a player in a certain level and age and to let LISA know if you are in need of such a player.

Once a player has been placed on a team, the parent will be contacted, the release form will be signed by the office and a copy sent to the Receiving Team’s Registar.


BC Soccer Transfer Form – See BC Soccer Website under Forms

BC Soccer Tournament Application – See BC Soccer Website under Forms