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You can call the LISA Office and ask us to help you submit your application.

International transfers of amateur players are not permitted.  There are only two exceptions to this rule in Canada:

  1. the player’s parents have moved to Canada for purposes other than playing soccer;
  2. the player lives no further than 50km from a national border (i.e. Canada/USA), and the club for which the player wishes to be registered in the neighbouring Association is also within 50km of that border.  The maximum distance between the player’s domicile and the club’s quarters shall be 100km.  In such cases, the player must continue to live at home and the two Associations concerned must give their explicit consent.

If one of these conditions is true, we may apply for an international transfer certificate. Unfortunately students who are here without their parents will not be able to submit all of the documents listed below and will therefore be denied playing rights.

Any player aged 10 or over whose last registration was outside the jurisdiction of this Association must request this Association to obtain the necessary international Transfer Certificate. Without this certificate, the player is ineligible to play in Canada.

Go to BC Soccer’s website for more information and look for the International Transfer Certificate Procedures
Note: Starting with the flowchart on Page 2 of their document helps you determine if an ITC is necessary.

How you apply for an international transfer certificate?

The following mandatory documents must be submitted (submitted in PDF format, with no PDF document being larger than 3 MB), as required by FIFA.  BC Soccer will only accept applications from districts not individuals.

  1. CSA International Transfer Form (top half of form only)
  2. Proof of identity and nationality (i.e. passport) – player
  3. Proof of identity and nationality (i.e. passport) – parents
  4. Proof of birth date (birth certificate) ‐ player
  5. Employment contract – parents
  6.  Work permit – parents
  7. Proof of residence (i.e. proof of home ownership, rental agreement) – player and parents
  8. Payment of $100 to BC Soccer (when requested)

No requests will be processed without the mandatory documents being provided (NO EXCEPTIONS)