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LISA as an association, have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abuse of the officials, therefore if you would like to provide your opinion of the referee we ask you to wait until the game is over and use this form to notify us of your dissatisfaction or satisfaction.  You do not need to know the name of the referee to use the form.

We hope that in deciding to use the feedback form you will use it to tell us both the positive and negative experiences you have had.  LISA does not schedule the referees, but we will work with the head referee schedulers of each club to share the information we receive to assist in assigning the most appropriate ref for each game and mentor any referees that might need assistance.

Remember, there would be no game if we didn’t have referees so let’s keep them in the game!

Referee Feedback Form

Did the Referee arrive sufficiently early enough to allow time to inspect the field and goal posts etc., give instructions to Assistant Referees and if necessary to the coaches?
Did the Referee “look” the part, clean and smartly turned out?
Did the Referee appear confident and not influenced by players or others?
Did the Referee keep up with the game?
Was the Referee at the right place at the right time?
Was the whistle heard clearly?
Were the corrects signals given?
Were the signals clear and concise?;
Did the Referee deal correctly with serious foul play or violent conduct, unsportsmanlike behaviour, encroachment?
Did the Referee handle correctly the use of foul and or abusive language, racial remarks towards him or any other person on the field of play?
Did the Referee have the support of both team coaches?
Did the Referee sufficiently handle spectators?

Referee Feedback is only to completed by a Team Official (Coach or Manager)