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What does it mean to be a member of Lower Island Soccer Association?

By becoming a member of LISA, an organization can make a significant contribution to soccer in British Columbia. Becoming a member of LISA, an affiliated organization of BC Soccer, is both an accomplishment and privilege for which organizations should be proud. To be a member of LISA means that an organization is committed to growing the game and improving soccer for all participants within the Lower Island region and British Columbia by offering soccer programs through a collaborative, progressive, and respectful environment. Members of LISA are committed to a player-centric development model that represents the spirit of the game of soccer and the qualities that make it the world’s most popular sport.

Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) is a Full (Active) Member of BC Soccer Association and is responsible for governing, promoting and supporting soccer within the District’s geographical boundaries, as defined in BC Soccer’s Constitution & Bylaws.

The Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) operates within the framework of the LISA constitution and bylaws and within the BC Soccer (BCSA) bylaws and guidelines.

The purpose in the constitution is to foster youth soccer, support opportunities for graduated youth soccer experience, support members’ delivery of youth soccer, and develop and govern youth soccer on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

The supporting functions of the bylaws are:

  • Fostering youth soccer in the southern part of Vancouver Island;
  • Supporting opportunities for graduated youth soccer experience;
  • supporting the Members’ delivery of youth soccer; and
  • governing youth soccer.

Provisional Full Member Application and Evaluation Criteria:

Deadline for application is December 31, 2022. Successful applicants would begin play September 2023.

Eligible organization must prove that they are able to meet all criteria within the application.

Applicants must:

  • meet the basic requirements as stated in the LISA bylaws, section 3.2.1:
    • be a registered society, sole proprietor or incorporation registered in BC;
    • provide soccer programs within the mandate of LISA; and
    • be aligned with LISA’s purpose, vision, and values.

Applicants that meet these basic requirements will be assessed on the extent to which they:

  • provide soccer programs to the standards set by LISA and superior bodies applicable to the delivery level:
  • enhance LISA’s ability to fulfill its purpose;
  • provide programs without being a detriment to existing Full Members;
  • are financially viable;
  • are organizationally sound
  • are operationally viable; and
  • are organizationally sound