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BC Soccer Grassroots Coaching Courses

There has been a change in the administration and logistics of the Canada Soccer Grassroots Coaching Courses in 2021. The classroom part of the class is now offered online only, therefore the courses in-person environment will only consist of the field sessions.

The on-field requirement in terms of time is as follows:

Active Start – 2 hours
Fundamentals – 3 hours
Learn to Train – 4 hours
Soccer for Life – 4 hours

LISA Female Coaching Development Program

LISA, in partnership with the University of Victoria Women’s Vikes program, is proud to provide coach education for female players in grade 11 and 12, over the age of 16, to take them through the Active Start and Fundamentals stages of the CSA’s coach education program and encourage them to coach within their club programs as part of the “She Coaches” program.

As part of the LISA Female Coaching Development Program, we will also be organizing an extra on field session with female coaching mentors!

New Procedure for registering and attending courses

Coaches will register an expression of interest through the LISA registration system:

  • Log onto the LISA Registration website and create an account if you don’t already have one.
  • Select the Registration Centre page and then select the courses that you would like to attend and follow the prompts.
  • Course codes will be sent out starting in early August

Once this is completed LISA coaches will receive a unique 16-digit code from LISA that will allow access to the on-line learning system along with instructions on how to access the program.  Coaches can then complete the theory part of the course that they have registered to take.  Upon completion of the online theory coaches will receive a notification from the learning system that will allow them to register for the on-field portion of the course.

Active Start, Fundamentals, Learn to Train, and Soccer for Life courses are free to register for LISA Club coaches.  On-Field portions of the courses will be available for coaches to sign up for later in the fall.

**Please note, you cannot attend or register for the on-field part of the course until you have completed the theory session** For more information on coaching course please contact Andrew Latham,,