LISA-UISA Interlocking Weekend #2!

RE: October 16th, UISA vs. LISA Interlock

For the 2022-2023 Season Lower Island Soccer Association and Upper Island Soccer Association are partnering to provide additional opportunities for competition at the U16, U17, and U18 Tier 3 levels of play.  On September 25th, October 16th, and November 20th LISA and UISA will engage in “Interlocking Exhibition Matches”.  These matches will take the place of your already scheduled LISA match.  All matches will take place on Sundays (unless both teams can agree otherwise).

In the event that you are unable to field a team for the exhibition match please notify your home district and the opposition as soon as possible.  Team Contacts will be shared as soon as possible.

On Sunday, October 16th play the following:

Home Team Listed First

U16 Girls Interlock:

  • Saanich Fusion/Peninsula Bradley U16GT3 vs Comox Valley United SC U16
  • Bays United Andulajevic U16GT3 vs Nanaimo United FC U16

U16 Girls LISA League Play (Saturday):

  • Gorge/Lakehill Smith U16GT3 vs. Juan de Fuca Stewart U16GT3

U17/U18 Girls:

  • Juan de Fuca Haslam U18GT3 vs. Comox Valley United SC U18
  • Sooke Clarkston U18GT3 vs. Nanaimo United FC U17
  • Gorge/Lakehill Ryan U18GT3 vs. Nanaimo United FC U18
  • WIA – Lakers U18GT3 vs. SURF U16/17

U17/U18 Girls LISA League Play:

  • Bays United Klein U18GT3 vs. Cowichan Valley White U17GT3
  • Saanich Fusion/Peninsula Collins U18GT3 vs. Bays United Buchan U17GT3

U16 Boys Interlock:

  • Comox Valley United SC U16 BOYS (Martens) vs. Saanich Fusion Ross U16BT3
  • Alberni Valley YSA U16 BOYS vs. Cowichan Valley Roggow U16BT3
  • Nanaimo United FC U16 BOYS vs. Bays United Walters U16
  • Nanaimo United FC U15/16 BOYS vs. Gorge/Lakehill Seator U16BT3

U15/U16 Boys LISA League Play (Saturday):

  • Saanich Fusion Hoskins U15BT3 vs. Juan de Fuca Marzinzik U16BT3
  • Gorge Simpson U15BT3 vs. Cowichan Valley Longair U15BT3
  • Prospect Lake/Peninsula Bosdet U15BT3 vs. Lakehill/Bays United Dunn U15BT3

U17/U18 Boys Interlock :

  • Powell River YSA U18 BOYS vs. Gorge Schreiber U18
  • Nanaimo United FC U18 BOYS vs. Saanich Fusion Braun U18BT3
  • Bays United Cockayne U18BT3 vs. SURF U18 BOYS (LISA home team)
  • Alberni Valley YSA/Oceanside YSS U18 BOYS vs. Gorge Johnson U18BT3
  • Campbell River YSA U18 BOYS vs. Bays United Vallance U17BT3

U17/U18 Boys LISA League Play:

  • Lakehill Indulkar U18BT3 vs. Saanich Fusion Nijjar U18BT3
  • Westcastle Rangers U18BT3 vs. Cowichan Valley Irvine U18BT3