LISA-UISA Interlocking Weekend #2!

RE: October 16th, UISA vs. LISA Interlock For the 2022-2023 Season Lower Island Soccer Association and Upper Island Soccer Association are partnering to provide additional opportunities for competition at the U16, U17, and U18 Tier 3 levels of play.  On September 25th, October 16th, and November 20th LISA and UISA will

LISA is Hiring! Administrative Assistant

Who is Lower Island Soccer Association?The Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) is a key organization in the framework that enables and governs youth soccer on southern Vancouver Island. LISA is a district member of BC Soccer, itself a member of Canada Soccer and as such represents this district. As a

LISA Spring Tier 2 Girls Teams Player Pool and Team Formation!

The following players have been selected to attend additional Tier 2 Regional team selection assessments! Players will be notified of the assessment time and location directly. U14 Girls LISA #1 (Lakehill/Gorge) AshcroftAdditional Assessments RequiredAdaButcherGorgeAlexaForemanLakehillAliyahCarlsenLakehillAmeeraGrewalLakehillCamilleAstridgeLakehillDaryaRabbaniLakehillElyseHankeLakehillEmmaCoatesGorgeEmy-RoseBoulangerGorgeGraceMangaLakehillLaelHarperGorgeLailaNisulaGorgeLaylaSalihLakehillLondonConfortiGorgeNinahDa MataGorgeNyahCoxLakehillRyleighGellingGorgeSophiaCreboLakehillTeaganDennisonGorge U14 GirlsLISA #2 (PSA/PLSC/SSC/JDF)Additional Assessments RequiredManonDenuxProspect LakeLilyEdgellPeninsulaClaireMaddisonPeninsulaSienaLeupeltProspect LakeScarlettShickPeninsulaAshleyEltonPeninsulaNorahSmithProspect LakeShelbyMartensProspect LakeSofiaMurrayPeninsulaCallieTurpinProspect Lake (GK)SiennaCampbellProspect LakeEllaMcIntyreProspect LakeEsmeeLeBlancPeninsulaChloeMcConnellPeninsulaAna