LISA Provincial Cup Results

Provincial A Cup and B Cup have concluded. Overall a good showing from our LISA teams. Congratulations to our winners!

Provincial A Cup (Tier 2):

U14 Boys Steuart: 6th Place

U14 Girls Ashcroft: 6th Place

U15 Boys Hyslop: 2nd Place

U15 Girls Veenema/Large: 2nd Place

U16 Boys Marzinzik: 6th Place

U16 Girls Steuart: 6th Place

U17 Boys Daniel: 3rd Place

U18 Boys Hyslop: 5th Place

Provincial B Cup (Tier 3):

U14 Boys SFFC Hyslop: 1st Place

U14 Girls Gorge Scorey: 4th Place

U15 Boys Gorge Simpson: 2nd Place

U15 Girls Gorge Butcher: 5th Place

U16 Boys SFFC Hyslop: 2nd Place

U16 Girls Gorge Smith: 3rd Place

U17 Boys Bays Vallance: 2nd Place

U17 Girls Bays Buchan: 5th Place

U18 Boys Bays Cockayne: 1st Place

U18 Girls SFFC/PSA: 2nd Place