Beep Fitness Test for Referee’s – Upgrade Program

The last scheduled beep test on the island will be taking place on Sunday, November 27 at 9:00AM at Braefoot Turf. Referee’s can find and register for this test by going into the Fitness tab in their Ref Centre account. 

A beep test score of 8 is required to be a District grade 8 referee, which is the necessary grade level for entering the Regional Upgrade Program. In addition, the referee will also need to submit an eligible assessment to be a grade 8 referee. Assessments can be paid for and requested in RefCentre by clicking Assessments>Request. 

District referees do not require a fitness test to continue refereeing. Only those that are interested in joining the upgrade program should attend and achieve a level 8 to reach a level 8 District classification (an assessment at district competency is also required for this).