Circle K Active Start Fests- Mini-Fest!

October 23-24, 2021

Friday, October 22 Update:

Unfortunately we have had a few teams withdraw this past week, and despite our best efforts to fill the missing spots, a few teams will only be scheduled for one game this weekend.  The cancelled games are highlighted in Red on the schedule.  Highlights in Yellow indicate a change in opponent.

Divisions/teams affected:

U8 Girls:  

G32. Sooke – Matt Naylor

G26. Prospect Lake – Chris MacDonald

U9 Girls:

G2. Gorge – Jordie Hughes

G10. Saanich Fusion – Meic Thomas

We are still open to working to fill those spots (any group of players may be put together to play!) but in an effort to provide advanced notice I felt it best to notify everyone now.  Please don’t suggest those teams play each other… the schedule does not allow for that as they are all playing games at the same time!


We are experiencing a shortage of referees for the weekend.  Therefore, if a referee does not show up for your game please designate a coach/parent to step in.  Reminder this is a “fun” event, scores and standings don’t matter!  Most importantly we need games to stay on schedule!

Thank you all!

Each team is scheduled two games.  All teams are scheduled to play both games on the same day (either Saturday or Sunday).  Please carefully check the schedule to confirm your date and game times!  Only U10 teams may be scheduled for Sunday, October 24th.  The Field layout on Sunday will slightly differ from the provided map to accommodate additional U10 fields.

Your games will be played at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre Fields, 1767 Island Hwy, in Colwood.  Juan de Fuca Field #1, #2, and #3 are natural grass and the Velodrome, located behind the “Q Centre” arena is artificial turf.  A “JDF Mini-Fest Field Map” as well as a “2021 LISA MiniFest Parking Map” can be found below.

All coaches/managers are to check in at the LISA administration table prior to their first game to pick up their T-shirts and game packages. There will be LISA representatives at the festival all day should you have any questions for them.

There will be a first aid attendant in attendance should you need one.In an effort to reduce the amount of person to person contact Juan de Fuca will not be operating a concession.

This is a tight schedule with little, if any, time in-between games so make sure you arrive well enough ahead of time in order to find parking and to have your team ready to play. There are 187 teams participating, plus match officials, volunteers and others using the festival venues which means parking space will be in high demand all day long, so it would be a great idea to car pool!

There is no time allotted for on field warm-up time so you will need to find a suitable area nearby for your players to warm up safely and properly.

The home team (listed first on the schedule) is responsible for the game ball and must wear a jersey colour different than its opponent.

This is not a competitive tournament. There are no trophies to be won and no standings will be recorded. Do your best to make it a fun and enjoyable time for everyone, including the match officials and volunteers.

All U8 games are two halves of 20 minutes each, 4 v 4.
All U9 games are two halves of 25 minutes each, 6 v 6.
All U10 games are two halves of 25 minutes each, 6 v 6.

As previously noted, this is a tight schedule so no additional time can be added to either half.

We are looking forward to a fantastic day, and a fun festival.

See you there!