Referee Development Officer Announcement

The Lower Island Soccer Association is pleased to announce that effective immediately, Al Moir has been appointed to the position of “Referee Development Officer” (RDO) for LISA.

The goal of the Referee Development Officer is to raise the level of competence of all LISA registered referees by providing support and fostering the recruitment, education, training, development and retention of referees within LISA and its Member Clubs.

Additionally, Al will promote the opportunities that refereeing offers, and train and support the local Head Referees and Mentors who oversee refereeing in their association.

Al brings a wealth of experience to the position in his roles as a Referee; Head Referee; Referee Development Officer; Assessor /Mentor and Instructor, both locally and with BC Soccer Association.

LISA is extremely pleased to provide additional support and services to our member clubs in line with LISA’s strategic priority of supporting opportunities for the development of players, coaches, officials, and leaders within the district.

Please welcome Al to the team. He can be reached at:

250-208-2479 or