Referee’s of the Month – Alexander Ross & Olivia Fraser

Alex has been refereeing U12 games and up, for two years now.  He also draws double duty as an AR for the “big” games.  His cheerful attitude is well known and appreciated.  Alex is in grade 12 at SMU and aside from academics, he enjoys music, coding and sports.  Alex is also an old school Alan Shearer fan and thus cheers on Newcastle United as he awaits being called up to the first team.  

Olivia has been refereeing for Bays United for a few years now.  She is a District referee and she has been refereeing various ages including a recent U18 Tier 3 boys game.  Olivia is in grade 10 at Reynolds Secondary and is enrolled in the Centre for Soccer Excellence program.  She primarily plays as a goaltender and unsurprisingly, is a huge fan of Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer.  When Olivia has free time she enjoys reading; including the FIFA referee Laws of the Game !  Her perpetual smile makes her a popular referee.

Congratulations to Alexander and Olivia for being selected as the Lower Island Soccer Association “Referee’s of the Month!”