Footballer of the Week – Alice Paveley

Salt Spring United Division 3 – Alice Paveley Alice started playing soccer when she moved to Canada 15 years ago, and has always played for Salt Spring United.  She has also played Spring and Fall 7vs7 in Nanaimo.  She started off playing midfield and left wing until her last year of

Footballer of the Week – John Charlton

John Charlton Pictured left with BC Soccer President Kjeld Brodsgaard In May of 2008, John Charlton was elected to the Board of Directors of the Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA). He took on the role as Director of Risk Management. In the 9 years he held the position LISA has benefitted due to

Footballer of the Week – Kaitlyn Chojnacki

Kaitlyn Chojnacki Coach and Player What makes a good athlete? Dedication?  Love for the game? Teamwork? Well this week’s Footballer of the Week, Kaitlyn Chojnacki goes beyond that.  Kaitlyn had been a member of Lakehill before becoming a member of the VI Wave 99 Girls team 18 months ago. She is a valued

Footballer of the Week – Al Moir

Al Moir BC Soccer Referee Development Officer & Assessor Lakehill Head Referee and Field Coordinator BC Soccer Referee Development Officer and Assessor Al Moir is this week’s Footballer of the Week. Al is not only involved in the development of BC’s referees but is also Lakehill’s Head Referee and Field Coordinator.  He is a friend