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2019 BCSA Provincial B Cup Draw

Click Here for Full Bracket and up to date Results: 2019 BCSA “B” Cup Results (as of April 14)


The opening round (quarter-finals) of the 2019 Lower Island B Cup playdowns is scheduled for the weekend of January 26/27 (if five to eight teams are entered). The semi-final rounds will take place February 2/3 and the Lower Island finals February 9/10.

Please note that February 16/17 is the Family Day long weekend and league games (including games that could help determine league champions) are scheduled to be played that weekend. However if there are outstanding B Cup matches they will be scheduled for the February 16/17 weekend instead of the league games for those teams.

The winners of the Lower Island playdowns will go on to represent the Lower Island district in the inter-district Coastal B Cup playdowns. The first inter-district match for the Lower Island reps will be against the Upper Island reps the weekend of February 23/24.

The hosting agreement between the Upper and Lower Island districts is as follows:  the Upper Island hosts the U13, U15 and U17 divisions for both boys and girls and the Lower Island hosts the U14, U16 and U18 divisions for both boys and girls. Both the Lower Island and Upper Island districts will not be competing in the U13 age division this year, for boys or girls. (Note:  The Upper Island usually plays its B Cup matches on Sundays so if your team is playing away in the Upper Island expect to be playing on the Sunday.)

The start time for matches between the Upper and Lower Island can not be before 12 noon or after 4:00 p.m. (unless both teams are in agreement) and any Lower Island home match involving Powell River needs to take into account their ferry schedule and travel plans. Powell River teams playing in the Lower Island sometimes want to travel to the Lower Island and return home the same day. And sometimes they travel here the day before and want to play the following morning (starting before 12 noon) in order to have more time to travel back up-island to catch the ferry back home.

For those who are interested the Upper Island posts their B Cup playdown grids on their website, however at the time of this email their 2019 grids had not yet been posted.

Here are the Upper Island B Cup draws:

BOYS U14 – the Upper Island rep is Campbell River Thunder

BOYS U15 – the Upper Island rep is Powell River Energy

BOYS U16 – the Upper Island rep is Comox Valley

BOYS U17 – the Upper Island rep is Nanaimo United

BOYS U18 – March 3 semi-final Comox Valley vs. Mid Isle Mariners

GIRLS U14 – *the Upper Island rep is Powell River Lightning

NOTE:  *Powell River Lightning have submitted a request to have the Girls U14 Island qualifier played on Sunday March 10 not Saturday March 9.

GIRLS U15 – the Upper Island rep is Comox Valley Wildfire

GIRLS U16 – no Upper Island team has entered the B Cup

GIRLS U17 – March 3 semi-final Alberni Valley Athletics vs. Comox Valley Thunder

GIRLS U18 – March 3 semi-final Nanaimo United vs. Comox Valley Blaze

The winners of the matches between the Lower Island reps and the Upper Island reps (those matches are known as the “Island qualifiers”) will represent the Vancouver Island/Powell River region at their provincial tournaments in July. These Island winners also continue on with the Coastal B Cup playdowns advancing to the quarter-final rounds where they will play Lower Mainland teams.

In addition, the losers of the Island qualifiers (known as the “Vancouver Island/Powell River runners-up”) will continue on with the Coastal B Cup playdowns advancing to the quarter-final rounds where they will play Lower Mainland teams. If an Island runner-up wins the Coastal Cup final that team also qualifies for the provincial tournament as the “first place Coastal B Cup” team.

NOTE:  There will be NO Upper Island B Cup rep in Girls U16. Therefore in the Girls U16 division the winner of the Lower Island playdowns will win the “first place Vancouver Island/Powell River” berth for their provincial tournament in July. This “first place Vancouver Island/Powell River” team will also continue on into the quarter-finals of the Coastal B Cup where it will play a Lower Mainland team.

In addition, in the Girls U16 division the team that loses the Lower Island final is not eliminated from the Coastal B Cup. Since there will be no Upper Island U16 Girls B Cup rep the loser of the Lower Island final will become the “Vancouver Island/Powell River runner-up” and continue on into the quarter-finals of the Coastal B Cup where it will play a Lower Mainland team. The Girls U16 “Vancouver Island/Powell River runner-up” can also qualify for the provincial tournament by winning the Coastal B Cup final.

The quarter-final rounds of the Coastal B Cup are scheduled for the weekend of April 13/14. The semi-finals of the Coastal B Cup will be played on the weekend of April 27/28. All Coastal B Cup finals will be held the weekend of May 4/5 on the Lower Mainland.

While the B Cup competition is under way teams will play their B Cup match instead of the league game that was originally scheduled for them that weekend. The league game will then become an outstanding game and can be made up by agreement of both teams involved.

Your weekend schedules will change to accommodate the B Cup playdowns. Those scheduling changes will be distributed via email from the LISA office on a weekly basis. Those emails usually go out on the Tuesday of each week as the results of games played each weekend (league and B Cup) have to be taken into account before the re-scheduling can be completed. If there are delays the weekly re-scheduling notice might not be distributed until Wednesday. On the other hand, sometimes the re-scheduling notice is ready early and is distributed on a Monday afternoon.

B Cup matches have priority over all other youth games in regards to scheduling and fields. If any B Cup match can not be played because fields are closed (both the designated home club and the visiting club do not have an open field on which the match can be played) the re-scheduling of that match is up to LISA. Note that LISA can re-schedule an outstanding cup match, or a cup match that needs to be re-played because of a successful protest, for any time, any day.

There must be a winner in all B Cup matches

If the two teams are tied on goals at the end of regulation time the teams will play two equal halves of extra time as per the duration for their age division. From U14 up to and including U16 that is 2 x 10-minute halves. For U17 and U18 that is 2 x 15-minute halves. The full length of the extra time will be played no matter how many goals are scored during the two extra-time halves.

If the score is tied at the conclusion of the full extra time session the outcome of the match will be decided by kicks from the penalty spot, as per FIFA rules.


Both the Boys and Girls Provincial B Cup tournaments take place July 4-7. The U13-U18 Boys Provincial B Cup tournaments are in Prince George and the U13-U18 Girls Provincial B Cup tournaments will be held in Burnaby.

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