Weekly Rescheduling Notice Feb 24/25


LISA Weekly Re-Scheduling Notice

Please find above the “Weekly Re-Scheduling” Notice for the February 24/25 weekend!

If your team is listed in the “Re-scheduling Notice” play the match listed in the notice!  All other teams play your regularly scheduled match on the LISA website.

Please be aware that after the winter break LISA distributes Re-scheduling notices on a weekly basis until the end of the Lower Island season. This is done in order to accommodate teams that are involved in cup competitions (e.g. “B” Cup Qualifying, District Cup, Tim Satterford Cup) and therefore unavailable for league play that weekend. That means your game, opponent and home/away designation might change.  Depending upon the placement of teams in cup draws and the outcome of those cup matches some teams might end up playing the same opponent two weeks in a row because of the limited number of opponents in their league.  As well, LISA may schedule matches that are considered “league games that will not count in the standings”.   This may occur when a team has completed all scheduled matches in a round but has available opponents on a weekend.  As noted, these games do not count towards the standings but are considered “league games” and do count towards LISA discipline.  Scores must be reported for these games.  

 Please inform your players and their families that their game schedules are likely to change week-by-week throughout the last part of the Lower Island season.