Rules and Regulations

LISA Strategic Priorities 2015 to 2018 StrategicPlan

LISA Constitution and Bylaws  (Updated July 2014)



LISA Administration Manual
Chapter 1: Rules, Regulations and Policy for LISA & District Cups
Chapter 2: Small Sided Games Rules
For more information on small sided games see:
BC Soccer Resource – Small Sided Club Development Manual
Chapter 3: Inter Club Competition
Includes how to determine league standings, and information related to game protests
Current location of BC Soccer U13 Retreat Guidelines: here

Chapter 4 – Provincial Premier Cup, A Cup and B Cup
Chapter 5: VIPL: Policy & Procedures Manual
Chapter 6: Disciplinary Rules, Regulations and Policy
Includes performance fines and bonds
Chapter 7 – Rules, Regulations and Policy for Registration
Includes youth to youth permit procedure, senior to youth reinstatement, and roster sizes
Chapter 8: Volunteer, Employee & Contract Worker Screening
Chapter 9: Privacy and Protection of Personal Information
Chapter 10: Harassment, Bullying & Dispute Resolution

Best Practices

Responding to child welfare concerns
Memo from LISA Risk Management Officer
Excerpt from the Child, Family and Community Service Act
BC Government produced booklet titled “Responding to Child Welfare Concerns: Your Role in Knowing When and What to Report”

Preparing for and responding to concussion/injuries
Return To Play Memo
Heads Up-Concussion CheckList
Heads Up-Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents
Concussion Care from LifeMark
BC Soccer also has some amazing resources for players, coaches and parents. 


Concussion Tools:
Head Injuries and Concussions

Canada Soccer has recently released a Concussion Guidelines document. BC Soccer is pleased to provide this document, along with its other concussion management resources, on its website:


Commonly asked questions

Out-of-Boundary Players (aka Transfers):

There are three (3) transfers per team U13-U18.  This includes U17 & U18 and VIPL teams.

Coaching Exemptions:

Coaching Exemptions are allowed as long as the Parent/Guardian is the current Head Coach of his/her child’s team.

Grandparented players:

If a player moves from his/her club’s boundary, they maintain a “Grandparented” status to that club so long as they continue to play for that club without break (documentation required).  If they move from the area and return, they may apply to Lower Island to have their Grandparented Status reinstated.  Each application will be looked at individually.


Players must register with their home club and the home club determines if a player is to be released, the club notifies Lower Island if they have released a player and LISA attempts to place the player at the most appropriate place considering viability of the league and best interests of the player.  The parent/guardian of the released player will be contacted to gather all the relevant information.

All club registrars have a copy of the release form (however it can also be found on the LISA website under forms).

Cheat sheet for clubs, coaches, managers and parents trying to understand the LISA Out-Of-Boundary (transfer rule), includes examples to assist you: Transfer Rule from Constitution

Where can I find the information on International Transfers?
BC Soccer just updated their page with a great flow-chart outlining who needs to complete an International Transfer.
Click on this link for the international form