VIPL Dissolution and New Tier 2 Structure

In the fall of 2020, the Upper Island Soccer Association and Lower Island Soccer Associations engaged in conversations around the existing VIPL partnership and the viability of the league moving forward. During these early conversations it was made clear that the membership desired a change in the structure of Tier 2 soccer as the existing model had not met the needs of the member clubs on the Island. Through further discussions it was determined that beginning in the 2021- 2022 BCSA Coastal playing season the Vancouver Island Premier League would cease operations. As valued partners UISA and LISA have worked in conjunction to develop proposed Tier 2 hybrid models, tailored to each district’s unique membership structures.

While LISA and UISA continue to work with the BC Soccer Association and our member clubs to formalize the new Tier 2 structures we felt the timing of this release of information was important as our member clubs begin to prepare for the 2021-2022 season. LISA’s newly proposed hybrid system will see all players register and participate within a club-based Tier 3 and Tier 4 LISA league structure in the fall and winter while being provided the opportunity to participate in supplemental Tier 2 club-based environments. Following the conclusion of the Tier 3 season in March the supplemental Tier 2 environments will form the basis of a competitive Tier 2 spring season with play culminating in qualification for BCSA “A” Cup Provincials in July. As a lot of members are wondering what will happen with the previous Tier 2 (VIPL) structure, and how players and existing teams will be integrated, LISA is committed to working directly with its member clubs to provide an opportunity for the existing Tier 2 (VIPL) teams to continue within the new LISA fall and winter structure where possible. At this time LISA recommends current Tier 2 (VIPL) players register with their home club and connect with their club’s Technical Director. While it is too early to determine the exact makeup of league structures in the fall the earlier players register with their clubs and connect with their club’s Technical Directors the more opportunity LISA and its members will have at creating the best possible environment.

As with everything we have endured of the past year and a half we are once again asking our members to be flexible and patient as we return to play and embark on this new structure. We are extremely excited to welcome everyone back and cannot wait to see everyone on the field! LISA will continue to provide updates through its member clubs as we move closer to a return to play in September.

Best Regards,
Stuart Bancroft,
Executive Director, Lower Island Soccer Association