Provincial Health Authority Update, December 2nd, 2020

As per the most recent PHO update effective immediately all youth soccer programing must adhere to ViaSports Phase #2 Guidelines (BCSA Phase #1 for Soccer -“Modified Training”).  At this time all LISA match play will be suspended indefinitely and it is club discretion to continue with ViaSport Phase #2 programing. 

The full Provincial Health Order can be found here:

The relevant section regarding youth sport reads:

“18. A person may permit a place, other than a private residence or vacation accommodation, to be used for, or may provide, sport for children or youth if the following conditions are met:

  1. participants maintain a physical distance of three metres from one another and do not engage in handshaking, high fives, hugging or similar behaviour;
  2. the focus is on activities that have a low risk of COVID-19 virus transmission;
  3. there are no spectators unless the presence of a spectator is necessary in order to provide care to a child or youth.”

Further clarification can be found here:

We remind everyone to please be safe and respect the restrictions in place.  LISA will continue to work closely with our Governing Bodies and Member Clubs and will provide updates as we receive them.

BCSA latest update can be found here: