Return to Play Phase #2 – Kick-Ins- Clarification and Considerations

As part of BCSA’s Return to Play Phase #2 plan one of the major changes to the game of soccer is the implementation of Kick-ins in place of Throw-Ins.

The modification determines that all Kick-Ins are to be managed as an indirect free kick. This means:
• A Kick-In is awarded to the opponents of the player’s team that last touched the ball when the whole of the ball passes over the touchline, on the ground or in the air.
• The principles of Offside only apply to U11+.
Remember: Offside does apply if a player receives a ball directly from a Kick-In.

The intent of the Kick-In, should be to restart the game as quickly as possible and to create a situation that is as ‘game-like’ as possible from that location of the field. Remember that the Kick-In should not be seen as an opportunity to take advantage or steer the game away from
what it truly looks like. This modification is a temporary measure and not a lasting law change to make the game look different.

For more info please see: BC Soccer – Return to Play – Phase 2 – Kick Ins – Clarifications and Considerations.pptx