Return to Play Reminder- Unsanctioned Soccer Activity

The LISA member clubs and their technical staff are working closely with LISA to get ready for a safe return to soccer as soon as possible. We are closely following the guidelines from BC Soccer with regard to a return to play and we know that everyone is looking forward to getting back on the field. As we get closer to the start of soccer we would like to remind you that BC Soccer guidelines prohibit games of any kind at this time. LISA and its member clubs are concerned with the growing number of reports of unsanctioned pick up soccer games taking place in different areas of the city on club and municipality fields. We would like to ask LISA members, and the soccer community as a whole, to think twice about taking part in these events as this may lead to a Covid outbreak in our city. We have all seen what can happen when people make poor choices around COVID and we don’t want to see soccer be responsible for such an outbreak on the Island. We believe that it is our responsibility as a soccer community to follow the rules and be thoughtful members of the greater sporting community of Victoria. We all want to see organized sport again, so we ask you to stay away from any unsanctioned soccer activities until we get positive news from BC Soccer and the BC Government.

Andrew Latham M.Ed.  ChPC

Head Coach
Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA)