Footballer of the Week – Matthew Mehrassa

Footballer of the Week:

(Health Industry)

Matthew Mehrassa


The United Football Group has decided to make a small adjustment to the Footballer of the Week …….mostly because there are no games happening right now, but also because all groups wanted to high-lite members within our organizations that are making a huge difference by doing what they do in their respective industry.

Matthew, our first community member to point out, is an Island Health Registered Nurse at the Nanaimo Regional Hospital.

Matt is a peri-operative nurse – so focuses almost all his time in the operating room. He has been with Island Health since 2013.

Matt plays with Nanaimo United in the VISL’s top division – Division 1. He has been there for the better part of 15 years, and always played in the midfield. Matt has been selected as an Allstar on a couple occasions, and is presently hoping to get back onto the pitch so to compete in the semi finals of the Jackson Cup.

We can’t thank you enough for being part of the community that is trying to get us through this Matt!

We hope that you too are staying safe and that we get to see you play in that semi final game as well.


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