Footballer of the Week – Mahdi Hammoud

Footballer of the Week

2002 born Mahdi Hammoud started his youth soccer career at the age of 4 in his home town Windsor, Ontario. Hammoud joined the Victoria Highlanders Residency Program last year and is a striker that prides himself on his goal-scoring ability.

After 19 goals last season, he followed up with another 28 (35 including cup play) in the 2019/20 campaign……all with the VISL Division 2 squad. In his Jackson Cup 1/4 Final this past weekend, Mahdi slotted 5.

Earlier this year, Mahdi had the opportunity to represent the U19 Lebanon National team at the U19 AFC Qualifiers. Some of his favourite players include Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane and he continues to look up to them as role models. Mahdi hopes to play professionally and continues to work hard to achieve his dreams.

As a VISL recipient of FOW honours, Mahdi will get the limited edition United Football shirt, and a prize package from our sponsors Team Sales, 1550’s, Umbro, and Heineken.