College/University Recruitment Tips

Here you will find small tips that will help you get noticed and perhaps RECRUITED by a College or University program.

1) Continue to Develop Your Game

  • Put the effort in away from your club’s training sessions; repetition and touches on the ball are key to development.
  • Play at the highest level you possibly can, giving yourself the best chance to be seen by recruiters. Although there are opportunities for Tier 2 players to go to College Showcases, Tier 1 players are considered more visible and have more eyes on them, from a recruiting standpoint.

2) Academics

  • Many Universities and Colleges offer Academic bursaries that can help subsidies your fees.
  • The higher your grades, the more Universities you will be eligible to attend.
  • See what academic programs you are interested in and then compare that to programs offered by Universities/Colleges.

3) Game Footage

  • Coaches of Universities probably haven’t seen you play; compiling footage of some of your best attributes within some of your games, allows them to gather a greater understanding of how you perceive differing scenarios.
  • Try to make this footage as up-to-date as possible. Development can be very quick at times and slower at other times, it is hard for coach to gauge where you are now as a player if they see footage from 3+ years ago…

4) Player Resume

  • Put together a playing resume, illustrating your playing career. (I.e level of competition, teams, accolades, coaches you have worked with).

5) Reach-out to Recruiters/Coaches

  • Many programs offer their coaching staff’s contact information on their website. Be proactive and reach-out to programs you are interested in.
  • Ask your coaches and club TD’s if they have any contacts within U-Sports, NCAA or CCAA that they can reach-out to.
  • There are also many small college leagues within America, do research and broaden your opportunity of furthering your academics and athletics.