Weekly Re-scheduling Notice 22nd – 23rd February


Weekly Re-Scheduling for February 22/23



The attached master re-scheduling notice for this weekend, February 22/23, is three pages long. In addition to being attached to this email it will also be posted on the LISA website.


Games on the schedule for this weekend include Island qualifiers for the Provincial B Cup, Lower Island District Cup play-downs and league fixtures.


There will be six regional finals in the Provincial/Coastal B Cup competition played this weekend. The winners of these Lower Island vs. Upper Island finals will qualify for their provincial tournaments in July. Four of those finals will be held in the Lower Island (Boys U18, Girls U14, Girls U16 and Girls U18) and two will be staged in the Upper Island (Boys U15 and Girls U15). All teams in these Island finals (win or lose) will continue on into the quarter-final rounds of the Coastal B Cup play-downs, April 18/19, where they will take on Lower Mainland teams.


Two Lower Island District Cup play-downs begin this weekend – Boys U14 Silver and Boys U18/17 Silver. There will be five opening round matches in Boys U14 Silver and one in Boys U18/17 Silver. Those matches are identified on the master re-scheduling notice as such:  District Cup. Some teams have drawn byes into the second round. Other games that are not part of the District Cup play-downs are also scheduled in Boys U14 Silver and Boys U18/17 Silver this weekend.


The complete draw for the Boys U14 Silver District Cup will be posted on the LISA website. As there is only one match in the Boys U18/17 Silver District Cup two teams were drawn to play in that match. The rest of the draw has not been done yet. It will be included in next week’s weekly re-scheduling.


In regards to the District Cup, there must be a winner in every match. If the score is even at the end of regulation, extra time will be played. Extra time is not sudden death; the full amount of extra time is to be played. Extra time for the Boys U14 division is 2 x 10-minute halves and for Boys U18/17 is 2 x 15-minute halves. If the score is even at the end of extra time then the winner of the match will be determined by a FIFA penalty-kick shootout.


The winning team in the District Cup play-downs advances to the next round. The losing team is eliminated. When teams lose in the District Cup LISA stops scheduling for them. In other words, their 2019-20 Lower Island season is over. Once teams are in the District Cup they can no longer play any league games. Youth-to-youth permits can not be used for cup competitions, including the District Cup.


More District Cup play-downs will begin next weekend, February 29/March 1. Those draws have not been done yet. Their opening-round match-ups will be included in the weekly re-scheduling notice for February 29/March 1.


In Boys U14 Silver 2 there is an outstanding league game to be played this Saturday (February 22) to decide the league winner. Please note that there must be a winner in this game so it will be played in “cup format” as described in the master re-scheduling notice.


Cup scores, for the Provincial/Coastal B Cup, the Lower Island District Cup and the Satterford Cup are not posted in the same place as league games. For cup results go to the drop-down box under the COMPETITIONS tab and select “Cups >” and then click on the cup competition you wish to view – District Cup, Satterford Cup or Provincial Cup – A, B and Coastal Cups.


SCORE RECORDINGAll teams must report the scores of their games (league and cup) to their score recorder. And if you do not play a scheduled game then you must also report to your score recorder and provide the reason why your game did not take place. The Lower Island district covers a vast area with varying weather patterns. Fields can be closed in one community but in a nearby neighbourhood there can be fields, including grass fields, that are open.


When reporting scores don’t forget to include the gender, age division and level of play (e.g. Boys U15 Silver, Girls U15 Gold, etc.). In addition include the name of both teams and make sure the winning team is clearly identified (or if it was a draw).


If your cup match went into extra time or a FIFA penalty shootout please include that information as well. For example, the score at the end of regulation, the score after extra time and, if you know it, how many goals each team scored in the penalty shootout itself as well as how many penalty kicks each team took. Please report the goals scored in a penalty shootout separately from the game score – do not add the shootout goals to the number of goals scored by the teams during regulation and extra time. And please make sure it is clear which team won the match.



Make sure you check the “league play” section of the LISA website to confirm all the league games you have played have been posted. If there is no score posted for a league game that game is considered outstanding and therefore could be re-scheduled by LISA even though you have already played it.


League champions will be declared over the next few weeks so please make sure your results are up to date.


League games are identified by the date for which they are listed on your schedule. So if you are checking for scores for outstanding league games or for “games played in advance” of their original date they will be posted alongside their original date not the date on which they were actually played.


At this time of the season communication between teams, their opponents and their clubs is very important. Do not assume everybody is aware of the game they are to play each weekend. Teams should contact their opposition far enough in advance to confirm their games for each weekend.