Footballer of the Week: Marcel de Jong

Footballer of The Week | Marcel de Jong

Pacific FC has put forth Marcel de Jong for this week’s footballer of the week.

Marcel is leading Pacific into year 2 of the Canadian Premier League. With over 294 professional
appearances and 56 caps for the Canadian Men’s National Team, Marcel arrived on the West
Coast to be part of the development of Canadian soccer.

The captain of the Vancouver Island professional team had a tough start to his CPL term with an injury that kept him out for most of the season. Despite the injury, Marcel de Jong demonstrated his work ethic, working hard off the field – always encouraging and mentoring players at the club.

Marcel was able to make it back for two games at the end of the season and looks to 2020 as a big year. In addition to his soccer contributions, Marcel has played a pivotal role in the community with his involvement with youth and as a Hope and Health player board member.

Brought To You By UNITED FOOTBALL; A Collaboration Between VISL, LISA, LIWSA, &
Pacific FC.


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