Footballer of the Week – Ashley Roberts

Footballer of the Week – Ashley Roberts – Wave 2005 Girls – Wave 2006 Boys – Vancouver Whitecaps REX program.

Lower Island has put forth Ashley Roberts for this week’s footballer of the week. Ashley has enjoyed a great season with numerous different teams being allowed to use her talents on the field. Ashley has most recently won the 2005 Phase 2 play-offs with her 2005 Girl’s Wave team, as well as helping the 2006 Wave Boy’s to a semi-final in their division. On top of these commitments, Ashley plays within the Whitecaps REX program, where she is a prominent part of a very strong academy team.


Ashley is clearly a very talented player, but some would argue her greatest achievements are away from the field. It is a rare quality for someone of such high talent to also possess the humility that Ashley does on a day-to-day basis and with these qualities, she has ensured that she will be successful in anything that she decides to do in the future.


Thank you Ashley for your continued drive within the sport, as well as your motivating personality outside of it.