Weekly Re-Scheduling Notice 18th-19th January 2020


Weekly Re-Scheduling for January 18/19



This coming weekend, January 18/19, the Tim Satterford Cup competition resumes with semi-final matches and the Provincial/Coastal B Cup playdowns begin in the Lower Island for draws of five to eight teams. With two cup competitions under way – one involving Gold teams and the other Silver teams – league games have been re-scheduled in almost every division. The attached master re-scheduling notice is three pages long. In addition to being attached to this email it will also be posted on the LISA website.


Please note that cup matches have scheduling priority (including field assignments and start times) over league games. In addition, by BCSA rules, Provincial/Coastal B Cup matches have priority over all other games, programs or events.


Regarding cup matches, if the host club can not supply a field then the designated visiting team must check with their club to see if they can host the match as scheduled. If the “visiting club” can host the match then the cup game is to be played at the visiting club’s field. Teams involved in cup competitions should inform their players and their families that field assignments can change and such a change can occur on the day the match is to be played. Obviously, when the host club changes to the “visiting club,” travel time has to be taken into account. Any cup match not played as scheduled will be re-scheduled by LISA.


Teams, clubs and match officials involved in cup competitions:  please make sure you are aware of the rules for your competition. For instance, while most of the rules are the same the Satterford Cup and the Provincial/Coastal B Cup take different approaches to games that are tied at the end of regulation time. There is no extra time in the Satterford Cup. If the score is even at the end of regulation the Satterford Cup goes straight to a FIFA penalty shootout. If the score is equal at the end of regulation in the Provincial/Coastal B Cup there is extra time. Extra time in the B Cup is not sudden death; the full amount of extra time must be played. If the score is tied at the end of extra time then the B Cup match will be decided by a FIFA penalty shootout.


SCORE RECORDING – All teams must report the scores of their games (league and cup) to their score recorder. And if you do not play a scheduled game then you must also report to your score recorder and provide the reason why your game did not take place – even if your field was closed because it was covered in snow. The Lower Island district covers a vast area with varying weather patterns. Fields can be closed in one community but in a nearby neighbourhood there can be fields, including grass fields, that are open.


When reporting scores don’t forget to include the gender, age division and level of play (e.g. Boys U15 Silver, Girls U15 Gold, etc.). In addition include the name of both teams and make sure the winning team is clearly identified (or if it was a draw).


If reporting a score for a cup match that was not decided in regulation time include the tied score at the end of regulation and:

  • for the Satterford Cup which team won the penalty shootout. If you know how many penalty shots each team took and how many of those penalties were goals then please include that information as well.
  • for the Provincial/Coastal B Cup the score at the end of extra time. If the B Cup match is decided by a penalty shootout and you know how many penalty shots each team took and how many of those penalties were goals then please include that information as well.


At this time of the season re-scheduling is done on a weekly basis in order to accommodate the Coastal/Provincial B Cup and Tim Satterford Cup playdowns (formerly known as the LISA Cup) as those matches have priority over league games, both in scheduling and in field assignments. Teams playing in the Coastal/Provincial B Cup or Satterford Cup will not be available for league play that weekend so schedules have to be revised in order to compensate for their absence.


Since league schedules are revised on cup weekends that means league fixtures get moved around and can change dates, and that leads to league schedules sometimes being changed on non-cup weekends.


Re-scheduling is also done for teams when the last date on their league schedule has passed and their District Cup playdowns have yet to start. LISA will continue to schedule games for those leagues on a weekly basis until their District Cup playdowns begin.


In addition, re-scheduling is sometimes done in order to play certain outstanding games. For instance there could be teams in contention for the league title that have outstanding games that need to be played in order to complete rounds.


Once the pairing for teams in one game is changed that impacts the match up of teams in other games which then leads to those pairings being changed.


When LISA re-schedules one of your games for the upcoming weekend you play that game instead of the game listed on your current schedule. The game that was originally scheduled for that day then becomes an outstanding game.


When weekly re-scheduling is in effect your game, your opponent and home/away designation might change from what is already listed on your league schedule. It also means that teams that were originally scheduled for a bye could end up with a game and teams that originally had a game scheduled might end up with a bye.


Depending upon the placement of teams in cup draws and the outcome of those matches some teams might end up playing the same opponent two weeks in a row or twice within a short timeframe because of the limited number of available opponents in their league. Also some teams might end up with a bye two weeks in a row or two times within a short timeframe.


Make sure your players and their families are aware that their game schedules are likely to change week-by-week throughout the rest of the Lower Island season.


During weekly re-scheduling LISA will distribute a master re-scheduling list as early as possible during the week leading up to those weekend games. Those notices usually go out on the Tuesday. Sometimes they might be distributed Monday afternoon. However, if there are delays, the master re-scheduling notice might not get out until the Wednesday as re-scheduling can not be done until results from the previous weekend are known. So it is very important to report your scores on time each week.


Make sure you check the “league play” section of the LISA website to confirm all the league games you have played have been posted. If there is no score posted for a league game that game is considered outstanding and therefore could be re-scheduled by LISA even though you have already played it.


Cup scores, for the Satterford Cup and Provincial/Coastal B Cup as well as the Lower Island District Cup (at the end of the season), are not posted in the same place as league games. For cup results go to the drop-down box under the COMPETITIONS tab and select “Cups >” and then click on the cup competition you wish to view – District Cup, Satterford Cup or Provincial Cup – A, B and Coastal Cups.


League games are identified by the date for which they are listed on your schedule. So if you are checking for scores for outstanding league games or for “games played in advance” of their original date they will be posted alongside their original date not the date on which they were actually played.