Tim Satterford Cup Announcement

Today as we recognize the Sooke Soccer Association and its players, coaches, referees and families it is only fitting that we also honour a person who is not only a great Sooke Association member, but who is also one of Lower Island Soccer Associations longest serving and most dedicated volunteers. With over 30 years at Sooke Soccer and with close to 25 years as Lower Island Soccer Association President. Tim Satterford has become one of the most respected ambassadors of Community Soccer throughout the province.

His understanding of the game and the value of his knowledge of soccer in greater Victoria is both immeasurable and irreplaceable. From coach in the Vancouver Island Soccer League and Lower Island Women’s Soccer Association to President at Lower Island Soccer Association, Tim has seen a multitude of changes to the landscape of soccer in our area. However, one thing has never changed and that is his dedication to the sport and those that are part of the game that he loves. He has been a constant that has spanned multiple soccer generations.

Tim has always been a champion of the sport and of those that play it solely for the pure enjoyment that it brings. And, it was with this in mind that the idea of the LISA Cup was brought into existence. Tim was instrumental in the creation of the LISA cup which was a competition for the teams that although not necessarily laden with talent, were were rich of inspiration and full of heart. A cup for the players who were on the field for the love of the game. A cup that represented what soccer was truly meant to be about – a sport enjoyed by all.

Tim’s generosity as a volunteer for 30 plus years without ever asking for anything in return has provided our soccer community with wealth beyond expectation. And so, it is with the same respect and honour that the LISA Cup was created – we can now honour and respect Tim Satterford. So, along with a pair of season tickets for the upcoming 2020-2021 Pacific FC season and for your dedication to the game of soccer, for your hard work and his commitment to Lower Island Soccer Association we are proud to present to you the “Tim Satterford Cup” and announce that the competition and the associated trophies formally known as the LISA Cup will now officially bear your name and be presented annually to the respective winners of the competition.

Thank you Tim and for everything that you have done and given to Lower Island. You will be sorely missed, however we know that you will not be far from a pitch in Sooke and look forward to seeing you on the field in the years to come. Thank you from all of us throughout the Lower Island Soccer Association.

Catch the presentation below…

Tim Satterford Cup Presentation