Footballer of the Week – Tim Satterford

Footballer of the Week

Tim Satterford


Tim Satterford’s contributions to the soccer community in Victoria are truly immeasurable. He has been a youth club coach at Sooke Soccer Club for more than 30 years, he has also been a men’s coach within the Vancouver Island Soccer League (VISL) and women’s coach within the Lower Island Women’s Soccer Association (LIWSA). It should come as no surprise that he was one of the founding members of the BC Soccer President’s Award winning United Football; a group comprised of presidents from Greater Victoria’s youth district, women’s league and men’s league with the goal of furthering the game of soccer in the lower island area.

Many of you will know Tim Satterford as the former longtime President of Lower Island Soccer Association. Tim’s dedication to the administrative side of the game began with his roles in the early 90’s in Sooke Soccer Club as Secretary and President and included being a District Rep, which led the way for him to join the Lower Island Youth Soccer Association at a pivotal time in our organization’s history.  His experience in leading the Sooke Soccer Club in a merger of the youth organization and the adult organization, which is a significant turning point in Sooke’s history, provided him lessons that would be needed in the future and made him perfect for the future President of Lower Island Soccer Association.  In 1998 Tim Satterford took over as President of what was then known as Lower Island Youth Soccer Association and under his leadership it became the strong, stable and cohesive organization it is today.  Although Tim stepped away from his role as LISA President this past summer you will of course still find him following his passion on the pitch in a multitude of roles within Sooke Soccer Club.

For many Tim Satterford has been the heart and soul of the LISA District.  When standing with Tim at any soccer event you can expect to hear at least once, “I have a photo of you presenting my son/daughter with a medal.” This is true for thousands of kids across Victoria because in addition to all the administrative, coaching and executive roles he had taken on, he still found time to attend all LISA events and connect with the membership. Tim went above and beyond on a daily basis and LISA will be hard pressed to replace him.

On behalf of Lower Island Soccer Association it is an honour to nominate Tim Satterford as this week’s Footballer of the Week!