Footballer of the Week – Matthew Olaka

Matthew Olaka is a Division 1 player for Lakehill in the VISL. Matthew is 20 years young, from Nairobi, Kenya.

As the captain, and a center midfielder on his high school team, he won 2 Championships via International School League.

Matthew then moved to Victoria 2 and a half years ago to attend University of Victoria’s Computer Science program. Matthew now dreams to play for Pacific FC.

His favorite team is Manchester United and his favorite player is Paul Pogba.

In his own time, Matthew enjoys training at Braefoot to improve shooting and dribbling. He will also be seen training with buddies, focusing mainly on passing and 1 v 1 drills.

A humble player who is almost always smiling. When asked to play defense for the first time, he was quick to tell his coach that he would adapt and do his best.

Matthew’s game day meal of choice is salad, fruits & veggies.

Matthew had 2 uncles who played in the Kenyan Premier League in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

A skilled player who was chosen as Footballer of the Week as he led a Lakehill team to a comeback win vs Cowichan, on Kesserich Grass – scoring 3 straight goals after being down 2-0. Leaving the final score 3-2 to Lakehill.

On behalf on the VISL, have a good year.  We look forward to presenting you TeamSales merchandise, some Heineken Promotional material, a 1550’s Gift Certificate, and a limited edition United Football Football of the Week t-shirt.