LIWSA Champions

The LIWSA nominates the Stephanie Shergold and Frank Leversedge Cup Champions for this weeks’ Footballer of the Week. This past Sunday March 31st, on a bright and warm sunny day, four teams took the field to compete for their respective cup competition trophies. 

First on the docket was Nanaimo United Div 3 versus Lakehill Gunners Div 3 in the Frank Leversedge Cup Final.  Both teams finished the 3 game round robin with a record of 3-0-0, 9 pts; with goal differential determining Nanaimo United in placing first and Lakehill Gunners in third place before advancing into the Quarterfinals.  Decisive wins in the Semi-finals led to these two teams facing each other in the final for the coveted Leversedge Cup.  An exciting game to watch from the sidelines.  Great communication, skill, competitiveness and passion could be seen within every player that  stepped onto the pitch.  When the final whistle blew, Nanaimo United prevailed over Lakehill with a final score of 3-1.  Thank you to Mrs. Peggy Leversedge, our special guest who presented the Leversedge Cup trophy to our 2019 Champions and co-Footballers of the Week nominations.

Second on the docket was Gorge United Div 2 versus Castaways United O30A in the Stephanie Shergold Cup Final.  Gorge United finished the 3 game round robin with a record of 1-1-1 (4pts – 8th place), while Castaways United O30A finished with a record of 3-0-0 (9pts – 3rd place) before advancing into the Quarterfinals.  The 2019 Gorge United Div 2 team was new to the LIWSA as most of the players if not all graduated from the LISA just last season. They should be proud for reaching the Shergold Cup Final in their first year in an adult league, they showed great skill and competitiveness against a group of players who have played in the LIWSA a ‘little’ bit longer than a year. Now, Castaways United O30A also showed a strong competitive edge, you could see it in their style of play that they were hungry for that trophy and so came out strong both defensively and offensively.  They too come up with the win when the final whistle blew,  a final score of 1-4 for Castaways United O30A. 

So congratulations to Nanaimo United Div 3 and Castaways United O30A for becoming this week’s Footballers of the Week for being their respective cup champions, and we would like to include an honorable mention to both Lakehill Gunners Div 3 and Gorge United Div 2.