District Cup Schedule Released

The District Cup finals are now set and the schedule is ready too.  You can find it in Competitions, Cups, District Cups or just click on the link below the important memo!


The 2019 finals

The schedule for the 2019 Lower Island District Cup finals, hosted by the Sooke Soccer Club, is below. All games will take place at Sooke’s main soccer facility at Fred Milne Park, at Sooke Road and Sooke River Road in Sooke, the weekend of April 6/7.

For most this is a tight schedule with little time between games so make sure you arrive well enough ahead of time in order to find parking and to have your team ready to play. Also there will be little, if any, warm-up time allowed on your game field so you will need to find a suitable area nearby for your players to warm-up safely and properly.

As there are no District Cup finals for the U13 division there are fewer matches to schedule than in previous years. Therefore all divisions that usually play their league games on Saturday have their District Cup finals scheduled for the Saturday.

The designated home team, listed first, must wear a kit of a different colour than its opponent.

A game ball will be provided for your final. Match officials will be assigned for all the District Cup finals.

Youth-to-youth permits can not be used for the District Cup competition.

There must be a winner in all District Cup finals. If the score is tied at the end of regulation time the winner will be determined by kicks from the penalty spot as per FIFA rules. There will be NO EXTRA TIME (i.e. overtime) for tied games. At the end of regulation, if the score is tied, the teams will go STRAIGHT TO THE FIFA PENALTY-KICK SHOOTOUT. Coaches must give their list of the five players who will take the penalties to the referee without delay. Only those players on the field at the end of regulation can participate in the penalty kicks.

Immediately after your final both teams (all players, coaches, managers) are to report to the awards area for the presentation of the District Cup and player medals (for both teams) and the naming of the match MVPs.

A coach/manager for each team is to select the match MVP for their opposition. Discreetly inform the LISA awards rep of your selection upon your arrival prior to the start of the ceremony and please do not tell anyone else.

For those teams scheduled to play on the artificial turf only players and team officials are allowed on the field. Before entering the turf everyone must use the boot cleaners. Only water is allowed on the turf field; NO oranges on the turf.

Best of luck to all teams

Soccer 2019 District Cup FINALS schedule