Cecilia Rossander, U4-U6 JdF Timbits Coordinator

Cecilia Rossander, the U4-U6 Timbits program coordinator at Juan de Fuca, has been selected as our Footballer of the Week.  She was nominated by some hard working people in the Victoria soccer community which means Cecelia must be truly AMAZING!

Cecilia has been the heart, soul and brains of the U4-6 Timbits program at JDF for many years. Cecilia is a selfless volunteer who does not have a child in youth soccer anymore. She takes great pride in ensuring that the necessary preparation has been done and is always there to assist families, teams and technical staff with great efficiency and careful consideration.

Cecilia helps navigate the annual transition from Royal Bay, to the Bowling Greens and finally to the Velodrome with ease. She effectively communicates with all families, the club and staff to ensure a seamless and smooth transition. She has even set up an annual jamboree field plan to ensure everything runs as well as possible.

Juan de Fuca knows that a lot of people have helped but Cecilia is the one that has made it happen and they want to acknowledge her outstanding dedication before the end of the Timbits season.  She goes above and beyond and will be greatly missed by many people at the club.

Congratulations on being this week’s Footballer of the Week!