Three cheers for the soccer community!

After multiple weekends of closures there are just too many amazing people to name just one Footballer of the Week right now.   At LISA, LIWSA and VISL we can always count on the presidents, vice-presidents, field schedulers, ref schedulers and youth reps to stay up late into the night trying to maximize participation for all but these past two weeks every single soccer participant in our community has gone above and beyond!

We’ve seen clubs hosting wheel barrow parties.  We’ve had clubs providing resources to other clubs at a moment’s notice.  Thank you clubs!

We’ve moved refs from one side of town to the other, we’ve pulled them from the sidelines, without the ref there is no game.  Thank you refs!

We’ve had teams giving up home field advantage without a whisper of complaint. We’ve had teams playing without their whole team with the priority to just get the game played. Thank you teams!

We’ve had managers living on their emails when they should be looking after other things.  Thank you managers! 

We’ve seen parents with young children keeping them up past their bedtime and putting shovels in their hands.  We’ve seen parents agreeing to double their commute time to a game.  Thank you parents!

And a final thank you to the players for continuing to play rain or shine (and occasionally snow).