Victoria Youth Soccer Club’s Join Statement on Respect in Sports

The Lower Island Soccer youth club Presidents and Boards are jointly committed to a community soccer environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, violent conduct or retaliation of any kind. We firmly believe in treating everyone with dignity, respect and professionalism.

In response to a few recent incidents we felt compelled to let our membership – volunteers, players and parents – know that we will collectively stand behind each other to ensure that this conduct is minimized and eventually eliminated from our sport and community. When incidents do happen, we will work together to investigate and resolve the problems, and the outcome may result in disciplining players, coaches and/or parents (e.g. suspension from training, games and/or park).

Our clubs take allegations of misconduct very seriously. As a group, we have taken steps to ensure people have multiple ways to report concerns about soccer field behaviour and are comfortable coming forward with those concerns. Through this partnership, the club Presidents and Boards will help lead the discussion on appropriate playing field behaviour.

We want to make it clear to our members that any level of bullying, harassment, violent conduct or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. All of these behaviours are strictly prohibited under BC Soccer Policies (BCSoccer Policy on Conduct) and LISA Harassment Policy (LISA Policy on Harassment) and also contravene the codes of participant conduct at each of the clubs.

Our respective clubs are always working hard to improve by engaging with our community, building an inclusive culture, advancing new knowledge and leading the way in seeking creative solutions to ever-changing challenges. These responsibilities are also delegated to every member of our Board and staff.

With respect in sport,

~ Bays United FC
~ Cowichan Soccer
~ Gorge Soccer
~ Juan de Fuca Soccer
~ Lakehill FC
~ Peninsula FC
~ Prospect Lake Soccer Club
~ Saanich Fusion Football Cub
~ Salt Spring United
~ Sooke Soccer Club