LIWSA “Purple” All-Stars

The LIWSA would like to honour the LIWSA All Stars (Purple Teams), as their Footballers of the Week.

These players have been nominated either by their coach/manager or their team, representing the player with the most passion for the game, skill, sportsmanship and leadership, on and off the field.

We invite the everyone to come watch one, two or all three games on January 6th at Braefoot (10, 12 and 2pm) showcasing these exemplary players in the LIWSA.

Congratulations to all the players selected, crossing fingers that the weather holds up – hoping for no hail, wind or rain!

Premier/Division 1 –
Team Purple
Div 1 Nanaimo United Jade Richardson
Div 1 Juan de Fuca United Katie Marciniak
Div 1 Vic West FC Lindsay Walton
Div 1 Gorge FC Kelsey Marshall
Div 1 Saanich Fusion United Bree Keefe
Div 1 Gorge FC Quinn Kelly
Div 1 Nanaimo United Rachel Simonetta
Div 1 Vic West FC Chelsea Legg
Div 1 SFFC Cascades Kelsey Blake
Div 1 Vic West United Emily Warkentin
Premier Bays United Taniesha Bramley
Premier Saanich Fusion FC Emma Fletcher
Premier Campbell River Cermaq Savannah Beirnes
Premier Nanaimo United Kristy Rowbotham
Premier Nanaimo United Rachel Jones
Premier Nanaimo United Carli Rae
Premier Campbell River Cermaq Heather Christie
Premier Lakehill FC Alexis McKinty
Division 2/3 – Team Purple  
Div 2 Castaways Melanie Ransome
Div 2 Cowichan Kristina Biello
Div 2 Lakehill Reds Sarah Russ
Div 2 Vic West Dane Pedersen
Div 2 Fernwood City Katrina Hinz
Div 2 Saltspring United Jody Pringle*
Div 2 Lakehill Reds Lauretta Lockwood
Div 2 PFC PACE Amanda Taylor
Div 2 Gorge United Delanie Rand
Div 2 Gorge United MacKenzie Johnston*
Div 2 Fernwood City Katie Chesher
Div 3 Castaways Brittany Schina
Div 3 Bays United FC #1 Carly McDiarmid
Div 3 Bays United FC #1 Kyla Ganton
Div 3 Gorge FC Laurence Paquet
Div 3 Ladysmith April VanPelt
Div 3 Victoria Athletics Kaitlyn Currie
Div 3 Vic West Allison MacDonald
Div 3 Nanaimo United Maddy Gill
Div 3 Peninsula FC Amanda Pomphrey
Div 3 Lakehill Gunners Kelsey Hackwell
Division 030A & B
Team Purple
O30A Gorge FC Katie Vincent
O30A Vic West Sarah McDonald
O30A Prospect lake Shelly Mcintyre
O30A JDF Courtney Howe
O30A Castaways United Leah Hall
O30A Gorge Masters Virginia Hill
O30B Peninsula Sula Sisters Jennifer Elton
O30B Bays United Breakers Donna Holmwood
O30B Saanich Fusion FC Susan Jones
O30B Peninsula Heat Brooke Kray
O30B Vic West Scottish Melissa Friesen
O30B Bays United Breakers Brianna Day
O30B Castaways Chelsea Varney
O30B Lakehill Carmen Giroux
O30B Sooke Jaggers Bonnie Wright
O30B Gorge FC Kara Halpert