Bays U12 Blue

This week’s Footballers of the Week are two teams from the Bays United’s U12 Boys division.

The two U12 Blue teams were matched up on Saturday in a local derby.  The result was a hard fought Bays versus Bays battle contested at Oak Bay High.  It was end to end action from start to finish with a total of 8 goals being scored.  The kids enjoyed playing against their friends as well as WITH their friends, and that was never more evident than in this game as opponents shared a giggle throughout, without losing their sense of competitiveness.  Rumour has it there was even a VI Wave scout in the crowd enjoying the action.  The teams enjoyed the derby so much they even got together after the game for a friendly photo.  What a great display of sportsmanship by both of these teams.

Congratulations on being this week’s Footballers of the Week.  Go Bays Go!