Boys U15/16 Re-Scheduling Notice December 1st & LISA Cup draw

Boys U16 Silver and Boys U15 Silver Re-scheduling notice for December 1st

(and LISA CUP semi-final schedule for Jan. 19/20)

The playdowns for the Boys U16/15 LISA Cup requires an extra round in order to reduce the number of teams still alive in the competition to four for their semi-finals.  That extra round (the quarter-finals) will take place Saturday December 1st.

Attached is a one-page master re-scheduling notice that lists all four quarter-final matches in the Boys U16/15 LISA Cup. As those teams playing in the LISA Cup quarter-finals will not be available to play the league games that were originally scheduled for them for December 1st the Boys U15 Silver and Boys U16 Silver December 1st league schedules had to be revised for those teams that have already been eliminated from the LISA Cup.

Rescheduling Notice: Re-scheduling December 1st, 2018

There are three Boys U15 Silver teams still alive in the LISA Cup. Four Boys U15 Silver teams have been eliminated. Those four teams now have re-scheduled league games to play December 1st. (see attached notice)

There are five Boys U16 Silver teams still alive in the LISA Cup. Four Boys U16 Silver teams have been eliminated. Those four teams now have re-scheduled league games to play December 1st. (see attached notice)

The attached master re-scheduling notice is for Boys U15 Silver and Boys U16 Silver teams only. There are no changes to any other schedule. The attached re-scheduling notice is only for Saturday December 1st. For December 8 onward, all Boys U15 Silver and Boys U16 Silver teams are to continue with their original schedules.

The league games originally scheduled for December 1st will be considered outstanding games. The teams involved can make up those outstanding games “on their own time” (i.e. outside of their weekly game day/time for which LISA schedules) as long as both teams are in agreement. One team can not book a field and force the other to play. However please note that if LISA re-schedules an outstanding league game it will be played as re-scheduled by LISA.

To confirm, teams playing in the LISA Cup December 1st are to play their LISA Cup match instead of their originally-scheduled league game.

Teams not playing in the LISA Cup (i.e. teams eliminated from the LISA Cup) are to play the game listed in the attached re-scheduling notice instead of their league game originally scheduled for December 1st.

When looking for scores on the LISA website for your league games your games are identified by the date for which they were originally scheduled, not the date on which they were played. When reporting scores for outstanding games or games that LISA has re-scheduled in advance of their original date please include the date for which that game was originally scheduled.

Results of LISA Cup matches are posted on the LISA website:  in the drop-down box for the COMPETITIONS tab go to “Cups” and then click on “LISA Cup.” All the LISA Cup results for the current season are available there.

Make sure you contact your opponent early enough in order to make the proper arrangements and to confirm your game.

The attached re-scheduling notice includes Boys U15 Silver and Boys U16 Silver league games that are to be played in advance of their original date. When the original date arrives those games will have already been played so please note the following:

BOYS U15 SILVER – two league games from January 19 Round 3 will be played in advance on December 1st. Therefore during the week leading up to Saturday January 19 a re-scheduling notice will be distributed revising the Boys U15 Silver schedule for January 19.

BOYS U16 SILVER – two league games from January 26 Round 2 will be played in advance on December 1st. Therefore during the week leading up to Saturday January 26 a re-scheduling notice will be distributed revising the Boys U16 Silver schedule for January 26. In addition there will be a re-scheduling notice distributed during the week leading up to January 19 as that is the date of the LISA Cup semi-finals, and teams competing in the semi-finals will not be available to play their league games originally scheduled for that day.


The fifth annual LISA Cup competition began with the opening round October 20. The LISA Cup is for U14 to U18 club teams playing in Silver or Bronze leagues within the Lower Island district. It is a different cup competition than the Lower Island District Cup or any other competition including league play which determines the league champion.

LISA Cup Round 3 Draw: LISA Cup 2019 Round 3 draw

The first two rounds of the LISA Cup were played October 20 and November 17/18. The semi-final round for all draws is set for January 19/20; and the LISA Cup finals will take place February 9/10.  All the February 9/10 finals will take place at PISE (game day/start time TBA). An awards ceremony and presentation of the LISA Cup will follow each match.

LISA Cup matches have priority over any league game scheduled for that day.


If the score is tied at the end of regulation time NO extra time (i.e. overtime) will be played. At the end of regulation time if the score is tied then the result of the match will be determined by kicks from the penalty spot according to FIFA rules.


   NO youth-to-youth permits are allowed for cup competitions, including the LISA Cup.

If the host club can not supply a field to play a LISA Cup match then the visiting team must contact their club to see if the visiting club can host the match. If the visiting club can host the match as scheduled then the teams must play the match at the field supplied by the visiting club.

Any LISA Cup match not played as scheduled on December 1st becomes the responsibility of the two teams involved to make sure it is played prior to their semi-finals (January 19). However, if LISA decides to re-schedule an outstanding LISA Cup match it will be played as re-scheduled by LISA. If an outstanding LISA Cup match is not played in time for the next round then a coin toss conducted by LISA will determine which team advances to the next round.

All LISA Cup winners are re-entered into a random draw for their semi-finals. (The semi-final draws for all LISA Cup ages, except Boys U16/15, was conducted at Tuesday night’s meeting of the club presidents. Those semi-final match-ups are attached.)

NOTE:  BOTH teams must report the score of their LISA Cup match to their league score recorder (listed on the LISA website below your league schedule).

When reporting your score please identify it as a LISA Cup match. If the match was decided by penalty kicks please report the tied score at the end of regulation and which team won the penalty shootout.

If you know how many PKs each team took during the shootout and how many goals they scored with those PKs please include that data as well. Do not add the PK goals onto the goals scored during regulation; do not add an extra goal to the game score of the team that won the penalty shootout; the game score (which was a draw) and the result of the penalty shootout should be reported separately.

Best of luck to all teams competing in the LISA Cup

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