The Cessford’s

What does it take to accommodate 143 teams or close to 1500 U8, U9 and U10 players and their families at your park?  Only the Cessford’s really know.  Earlier this month Tracy Cessford was instrumental in ensuring that many teams had enough space to play at a one-day jam-packed festival.  He coordinated everything from field lining; to goals and nets; to parking flaggers; concession and of course the uber-important maintenance person on-site to deal with surprise issues.  That one was especially handy when a pipe burst and almost flooded out the coach check-in area!

Tracy and his wife Kathie were unbelievably organized with their concession for the masses.  Favourites were definitely the yummy candy bags and best burgers I’ve ever had a soccer game in a long time.  They worked so hard that day we wished they would get a break for a month but we know them and we know that after they were the first to arrive at the field and last to leave that day it was just one of many weekends they are doing the same thing for Juan de Fuca families. We’re not sure, but we think The Cessfords may have even organized the weather! Great job Tracy and his support crews at LISA’s annual – Active Start Soccer Fest.

We know Juan de Fuca appreciates volunteers like yourself and want you to know you were nominated by another appreciative Juan de Fuca parent/volunteer.  Congratulations on being this week’s Footballer of the Week.