Gorge Technical Director Position Available

Gorge Soccer Association (Victoria) is looking to add a new Technical Director to our Technical staff

Deadline for submission of interest and credentials is Friday July 27, 2018 @ midnight

Technical Director (TD)

Gorge Soccer currently has a Technical Director (Jamie Ackinclose) but he is interested in decreasing his responsibilities and time on the field and at the club.  In order to do this, he is willing to adjust his time spent on the position while mentoring the new TD.  The new TD position can be part time (at least 50%) or fulltime  – or somewhere in-between.  This may depend on your qualifications, desires or personal situation.  Gorge/Jamie will support the transition and work with the successful candidate to provide excellent service to our youth members and success in the position.

The Gorge technical budget is approx. $75,000 and it is currently shared by the TD; an assistant Technical Coach (Nathan Clarke); a few supporting coaches and an administrative support person for the technical team.  We also have a small Club Technical budget of $7,000 that is used to support the club on broader and non-salary related initiatives (e.g. online technical services, technical materials, etc).  The wage of the new TD will fit within this envelope along with the other support positions.  All of this is negotiable based on resourcing model selected.

Job Profile link

If interested, please contact President, Brad Hlasny (president@gorgesoccer.ca) or VP Youth, Aaron Walker-Duncan (youth@gorgesoccer.ca).

All enquiries will be confidential