BC Provincial Cup Results!

LISA was well represented this past weekend at the Provincial “A”, Girls Provincial “B”, and Les Sinnott Memorial Boys Provincial “B” Cups. LISA teams took to the fields and battled the competition and the heat in Kamloops, Burnaby, and Richmond respectively. A big congratulations go out to our new BC Champions and Fair Play award winners!
LISA Results:
A Cup (VIPL):
U14 Girls North Thunder – Silver and Fair Play
U14 Boys North Surf – Silver
U15 Boys SFFC/Prospect Lake – Bronze
U16 Boys Bays/Peninsula – 4th
U17 Boys Bays/Peninsula – 3rd
Girls B Cup:
U13 Bays -1st
U14 Cowichan– 4th
U15 Cowichan – 7th and Fair Play
U16 JdF – 6th and Fair Play
U17 Gorge – 7th
U18 Bays – 6th
Boys B Cup:
U13 SFFC – 1st
U15 Gorge/Lakehill – 4th
U16 JdF – 7th
U17 Bays – 8th
U18 Prospect Lake/Peninsula – 1st
Congratulations to all participating teams!

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