U12 Festival – March 10/11



Saturday/Sunday, March 10/11, 2018

The schedule for LISA’s Under-12 8v8 festival, hosted by the Saanich Fusion Football Club is BELOW. Each team is scheduled two games and both of those games are on the same day. All games will be played on fields at Lochside Park (on Lochside Drive) in Saanich. The fields identified as Lochside 1A and Lochside 1B are artificial turf while the fields identified as Lochside 2A and Lochside 2B are natural grass (map below).

For those teams scheduled to play on Sunday do not forget to set your clocks ahead one hour as daylight saving time begins Sunday, March 11.

All coaches are to check in at the LISA administration table at Lochside Park prior to their first game to pick up their T-shirts. There will be LISA representatives at the tournament all day should you have any questions for them.

A first aid attendant will be in attendance throughout the festival.

This is a tight schedule with little, if any, time in-between games so make sure you arrive well enough ahead of time in order to find parking and to have your team ready to play. On-site parking is limited so it would be a great idea to car pool, a map to overflow parking is also below.

Also there will be little, if any, warm-up time allowed on your field of play. However there are areas at the park that have been set aside for teams to share where they can warm up. Field 3 is a grass warm-up area reserved for teams scheduled on the grass and field 1, C is a turf warm-up area reserved for teams scheduled on turf, please share the space the best you can.

There will be a small concession on site with hot drinks.

The home team (listed first on the schedule) is responsible for the game ball and must wear a jersey colour different than its opponent.

This is not a competitive tournament. There are no trophies to be won and no standings will be recorded. Do your best to make it a fun and enjoyable time for everyone, including the match officials.

In order to provide all teams two games on the same day all games in the festival will be two halves of 25 minutes each, 8 v 8. As previously noted, this is a tight schedule so no additional time can be added to either half and the half-time interval will be brief.

The following rules used in your weekly inter-club schedule will be in effect throughout the festival:

OFFSIDE for Under-12:  When a team is on the attack, the FIFA offside rule is in effect in the attacking one-third (1/3) of the field and shall be applied accordingly by the referee. If line-persons are used they only need take reference at the 1/3 field marking. Cones on the sideline will be needed to mark the 1/3 field limits.

GOAL KICK RETREAT LINE for Under-12:  All players from the opposing team will retreat back behind the existing offside line marked by cones at the 1/3 mark of the field, which will be also known as the retreat line. Players from the opposing team may not pass the retreat line until the ball has been touched by the player receiving the goal kick. If the goal kick is kicked past the retreat line the ball is deemed in play as soon as it crosses the retreat line. In case of a violation of this rule the restart will be a retake of the goal kick.

We are looking forward to a fantastic weekend, and a fun-filled festival.

See you there.

U12 Festival Schedule

Lochside Field Map

Map to Lochside overflow parking lot