District Cup Playdown Brackets


2018 Lower Island District Cup

Draws that start March 3/4:

Boys: 2018 District Cup Boys Bracket Starting March 3/4
Girls: 2018 District Cup Girls Bracket Starting March 3/4

Attached are all of the Lower Island District Cup draws that begin play this weekend, March 3/4. Also included are the Boys U13 Silver District Cup draw, as their playdowns began last Saturday (Feb. 24), and the Girls U14 Gold District Cup draw, as there are only two teams entered so they go straight to the final, the April 7/8 weekend in Sooke.

The District Cup draws that begin March 10/11 (semi-final rounds) are not included in the attached document.

For a list of the start dates for all the District Cup draws see below. Those draws that are included in the attached document are identified in the list.


(draws in bold face are included in the attached documents)

Boys U13 Gold – March 3
Boys U13 Silver – February 24
Boys U13 Bronze – March 10
Boys U14 Gold – March 3
Boys U14 Silver – March 3
Boys U15 Gold – March 10
Boys U15 Silver – March 3
Boys U16 Gold – March 3
Boys U16 Silver – March 10
Boys U18/17 Gold – March 4
Boys U18/17 Silver – March 11
Girls U13 Gold – March 3
Girls U13 Silver – March 3
Girls U14 Gold – April 7/8
Girls U14 Silver – March 3
Girls U15 Gold – March 3
Girls U15 Silver – March 3
Girls U16 Gold – March 10
Girls U16 Silver – March 3
Girls U18/17 Gold – March 11
Girls U18/17 Silver – March 4


The District Cup is the final competitive program of the Lower Island season. It is not a league playoff. It is a single-elimination, random draw, cup competition for Lower Island teams that are not Lower Island representatives in an inter-district competition (e.g. Provincial/Coastal B Cup, Island Invitational Cup). The winner of the District Cup does not advance to any other competition.

For the Lower Island District Cup Silver and Bronze league champions are promoted to a higher level of play. The Bronze league champion competes in the Silver District Cup and the Silver league champion competes in the Gold District Cup as those teams have, over the course of the season, proven themselves to be the best team in their league.

The Gold league champion is not eligible for the District Cup. The Gold league champion represents the Lower Island in the Island Invitational Cup and will play against the Upper Island rep for the Vancouver Island championship.

All District Cup finals will be hosted by the Sooke Soccer Association the weekend of April 7/8.

Teams that advance all the way to the District Cup finals will not necessarily play on their regular game day and, in almost all cases, not at their regular start time. All the District Cup finals are hosted by one club (Sooke). Final matches are scheduled throughout the weekend starting on the Saturday, from early morning until late afternoon, and then continuing on, as far as needed, into the Sunday. (Note: the U18/17 division for both boys and girls will have their finals on the Sunday, however their start times may vary.)

District Cup awards ceremonies follow every final match. The winning team will be presented with a trophy and medals for the players. The players on the losing team will receive runner-up medals. There is also a game MVP named for each team.

When teams lose in the District Cup playdowns they are eliminated from the competition and LISA stops scheduling for them. In other words, their 2017/18 Lower Island season is over.

Once their District Cup play begins a team can no long make up any outstanding league games – no matter how many outstanding games that team might have.

There must be a winner in all District Cup matches.

During the playdowns leading up to the final (i.e. “the round of 16,” the quarter-finals and semi-finals), if the score is tied at the end of regulation there will be extra time. Extra time is not sudden death. The full amount of extra time must be played no matter how many goals are scored. Extra time for those divisions that play the full 90-minute game (i.e. U17 and U18) is 2 x 15-minute halves. All other divisions play 2 x 10-minute halves.

If the score is still tied after the full extra time is played the winner of the match will be determined by a FIFA penalty shootout.

Please make sure your referees are aware that games tied at the end of regulation will go to extra time and if still tied to a FIFA penalty shootout. (The rules for the LISA Cup playdowns were different.)

BOTH TEAMS must report their District Cup score to their score recorder. If your match went into extra time or a FIFA penalty shootout please include that information as well. For example, the score at the end of regulation, the score after extra time and, if you know it, how many goals each team scored in the penalty shootout itself. Please report the goals scored in a penalty shootout separately from the game score – do not add the shootout goals to the number of goals scored by the teams during regulation and extra time.

Youth-to-youth permits can NOT be used for the District Cup competition.

For more information see Chapter 1 on the Rules and Regulations page on the LISA website.

***At this time of the season communication between teams, their opponents and their clubs is very important. Do not assume everybody is aware of the game they are to play that weekend. Teams should contact their opposition far enough in advance to confirm their games for each weekend.